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How Women Get Fund Transformed Their Business with Processology

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Women Get Fund is an exclusive co-investment group dedicated to supporting high-impact startups in the post-seed stage. With a focus on accredited investors, they provide a unique platform for entrepreneurs to thrive and succeed.


The sales and marketing operations at Women Get Fund were plagued by inefficiencies, leading to unforeseen obstacles and difficulties.

  • time delays
  • losses in revenue
  • lack of proper client communication


Partnering With Processology

Women Get Fund had a clear mission of empowering women entrepreneurs by providing them with the necessary resources to secure funding for their businesses. Recognizing the need to streamline their sales and marketing processes for enhanced efficiency, they sought the expertise of the Processology team.

Through a comprehensive process assessment program, Processology helped Women Get Fund to identify the root cause of their challenges - misaligned processes and systems. By gaining a deep understanding of their existing processes and the impact on their business, Processology recommended specific adjustments to optimize costs and reduce time delays.

Furthermore, Processology conducted an in-depth analysis of software tools for Women Get Fund's email and marketing processes. Based on their findings, they recommended a switch from Constant Contact to the more sophisticated yet cost-effective Ontraport, as it offered a range of advanced features.

By addressing these crucial areas of improvement, Women Get Fund was able to enhance their operational efficiency and ensure a seamless experience for their clients.

The Outcomes

As a result of implementing the new process model and tool recommended by Processology, Women Get Fund experienced a range of valuable benefits that greatly enhanced their business.

  • Improved sales and marketing processes
  • Timely delivery of services
  • Enhanced communication with customers
  • Improved business quality and revenue
  • Peace of mind!