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“All organizations are perfectly designed to get the results they are now getting. If we want different results, we must change the way we do things.” ― Tom Northup

We are a process design, improvement, and automation agency that helps businesses operate better, faster, and cheaper resulting in a peaceful and profitable organization.

Operating a business is hard work. It requires processes, people, systems, and other factors to run efficiently. The #1 problem with companies today is that they are pieced together as the business grows. Nothing is strategically planned to fit together seamlessly.

  • Is your organization losing clients, top employees, or vendors?
  • Are negotiations taking longer than they should?
  • Are your employees making risky mistakes that cost the company revenue or resources?

Is your organization producing peace or stress for the people supporting it?

Operating a business doesn't and shouldn't be stressful. It should be exciting and fulfilling.

At Processology we understand your pain. In fact, Processology was started by our founder Michael D. Wilson for that reason. Running a business is hard work for everyone involved, but with the right processes, it is possible to operate peacefully and profitably. Michael struggled with this for years before understanding the real power of well-planned processes and automation.

We are not great at baking cakes or helping with weight loss. We don't make beautiful art or fancy cars. But we do create the processes that make doing these things possible, efficient, and cost-effective.  We help businesses just like yours every day overcome their challenges that threaten their mission.

Our process is simple yet powerful, we use our Processology Formula and PAM (Processology Automation Method) to create, fix, and automation processes that produce peace and profit for your organization. We are a full-service consulting agency that can help you from start to finish with your strategy and process challenges. We make process design easy and affordable by offer project and retainer base options. So no matter your size, Processology can become a partner for your organization.

We have a proven track record for helping our clients operate as their best selves. Because most of our business is referral based, we don't succeed if you don't. Plus, we're genuinely passionate and proud of what we do.

Our promise to you is that we will leave you with something that helps you on your path towards accomplishing your mission, even if you don't hire us as your partner.

To create peace and profit for your organization, request your discovery call today.

When companies ignore their process inefficiencies, they tend to dig themselves into a deep hole creating much larger problem throughout the organization.

Companies that invest in strategically planned processes tend to realize their mission better, faster, and cheaper resulting in a peaceful and profitable organization.

Currently, you're operating an organization that may not be realizing its mission efficiently.

With Processology, you become part of a family dedicated to your success. With us, by your side, you can realize the mission you and your team are working so hard for every day. Your competitors will be wondering what your secret weapon is. You will be operating peacefully and profitably because your team, clients, and partner will be happier than ever before!


Our methods are designed to help businesses untangle. We accomplish this by using our Systems of Success model and The Processology Formula to planning, building, and automation core business systems.

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Helping businesses untangle their biggest challenges with creativity.



I help business untangle by designing creative processes & automation.
I'm pretty much a Sorcerer.


Quality Assurance

I make sure that our clients are 100% happy with Processology.
I'm like the sheriff around here.

Every business is unique.... Here is what our clients are saying in their own words.

Alicia Castillo
CEO | Wealting, Inc. | California, USA
Alicia was able to focus on her mission instead of the technological inspect of her business.

Processology worked diligently reorganizing our process, making valuable suggestions, implementing changes and improvements and as a result we are now able to continue growing the Women Get Funding Training Platform.

Tony Ford
CEO | Success Fort Worth | Texas, USA
Tony's systems now allow him to focus on helping Fort Worth's Entrepreneurs more effectively.

I highly recommend Michael and his team, you’re not going to find a more honest, capable or efficient person to help you with your process issues.