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About Us

What Keeps Us Centered

Processes are everywhere. They permeate every aspect of business and life. We combine expertise and creativity to improve operations and technology intentionally—by design. We reimagine and reengineer operational insights, systems, processes, experiences, technology, and enablement practices for efficiency, effectiveness, and strategic value.

We're a partner in transformation, guiding businesses through the maze of operational efficiency with a clear, strategic vision.

The undeniable truth is that the right direction, processes, and technology drive competitive advantage and success. Our solutions go beyond the surface to locate and implement sustainability and growth.

Who We Are

Processology is a comprehensive consultancy specializing in operational enhancements from concept to execution. We guide organizations through change management, optimizing processes, technology, and enablement practices for growth and sustainability.


Drive growth by designing operations with intention and purpose.


To be the benchmark for sustainable organizational growth.

Minority Founded and Owned

Overcoming limitations isn't new for us.

At Processology, being a minority-owned business isn't just a label—it's a testament to our resilience, innovation, and unwavering dedication to making a positive impact in the world. We're enthusiastic, passionate, and intentional about our mission, and we're here to support and uplift organizations from all backgrounds on their growth journey.

Our Values

What We Believe

Be real Honesty and integrity are essential to who we are. We operate with transparency, ethics, and sincerity.  
Inspire Excitement With enthusiasm, we motivate ourselves and clients toward new possibilities by inspiring hope and excitement.  
Better Together We believe people and technology work better together. We foster unity to empower efficiency and drive performance.  
Challenge Norms Pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo is how we thrive. We remain open, flexible, and creative to grow beyond limits.  
Always Solving We shift focus from problems to solutions, obstacles to opportunities, impossible to possible.  
Keep Forward

We shape tomorrow through continuous improvement today by constantly evolving operations and embracing change.

From Top to Bottom

How We Work

We collaborate with clients across all levels, from top executives to the front line, to drive sustainable innovation, deliver enduring improvements in performance, and cultivate thriving workforces for both present and future generations.
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Do What We Teach

Our Commitment

At Processology, we're committed to managing and reshaping the future of our firm with the same intentionality we teach our clients, driving sustainable growth and efficiency for businesses, individuals, and communities worldwide.


Our team greatly values the collaboration we have with our technology partners and vendors.

Meet The Team

We're thrilled to have a team of passionate experts who are committed to providing you with outstanding operations, platforms, and results.

Michael D. Wilson Founder/CEO
Elijah Gastin Systems Developer
Zara Sayyed Creative Director
Siddhi Gandhi Executive Support
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