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Drew's Coaching & Training scales business with process improvement

Drew T. Jackson Coaching & Training specializes in empowering individuals to discover their purpose and flourish in their lives through motivational coaching. With a wealth of experience as a seasoned speaker, Drew captivates audiences with his ability to bring transformative truths to life using the power of storytelling.

The Challenge

Although Drew is an amazing coach and trainer, he faced challenges that were affecting his business growth. More specifically, his challenges were related to time management for:

  • Servicing existing clients appropriately
  • Making time for new clients
  • Scaling the business with new and repeated clients

The Solution

Upon identifying Drew's challenges, our team at Processology immediately recognized that the root cause of his time management issues lay in the lack of alignment in his processes.

After conducting a thorough assessment of Drew's business processes and operational practices, we embarked on a mission to revamp their entire operation. Our main focus was to ensure that the new and improved processes were not only in line with the business goals but also aligned with Drew's personal vision.

By implementing these new processes, we were able to create a seamless and predictable customer journey for Drew. This allowed him to effectively allocate his time to both existing and new clients, without any compromises.

The Outcomes

The implementation of these revamped processes brought about a profound transformation in the way Drew's business operated, resulting in enhanced flexibility and adaptability. With our expert assistance, Drew accomplished remarkable milestones, including:

  • Establishing a customer journey that was predictable, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience for every client.
  • Gaining a newfound sense of confidence in the business model, knowing that the processes in place were effective and efficient.
  • Experiencing accelerated growth and expansion of his business, reaching new heights of success.
  • Witnessing a significant increase in weekly client referrals, a testament to the exceptional quality of his coaching and training services.

Michael D. Wilson

Michael D. Wilson, CEO of Processology, uses his expertise in entrepreneurship to improve sustainability, efficiency, and profitability for executives and their teams.