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F1IT cut client onboarding time by 50% using process optimization


Needed to streamline Sales and Service processes and handoffs

Founded in 2003, F1 Information Technologies is an all-in-one technology company that works alongside businesses to equip their operations for the digital age. They provide businesses with help desk, server, network, cloud, security, and compliance solutions.


The client service process of F1 Information Technologies (F1IT) had gaps that the team did not know existed. These process gaps caused challenges such as:

  • Inefficient handoff process between sales and project teams
  • Delayed client onboarding
  • Lack of confidence in project execution affecting sales meetings
  • Apprehension caused by the effect on the F1 IT brand
  • Loss of clients due to haphazard processes


Partnering With Processology

Although F1IT had a process in place for client servicing, the process was in the heads of the employees. The team had checklists to tickoff, but not a streamlined process to simplify a detailed handoff between sales and service teams. 

Processology team introduced F1IT to Opt360 to streamline the service process and enable faster and more efficient onboarding. 

We helped F1 Information Technologies start their journey with the Opt360 Improvement Roadmap:

Discovering existing process gaps, challenges, and effects on business.

As the service process was mostly in the heads of F1IT's team, Processology helped bring it out on paper in its ‘as-is’ state using a number of process discovery methods.

The steps involved interviewing the sales, service, and management teams to understand their roles, responsibilities, and how they get things done.

By asking the right questions, we realized that there were problems not with the teams, but with the communication between the teams.

By going through the detailed process with each team member, we also realized that the checklists were not working because the focus was on completing tasks as opposed to understanding the entire process and the impact they had on it.

Designing a tailored strategy to improve the service process

The first step was to design a tailored service process improvement strategy instead of referring to an already existing textbook strategy. 

Based on detailed interviews with the teams, our process experts built an improved communication plan with the goal of bridging the gap between sales and service teams. 

To increase the effectiveness of the handoffs between the teams, we consulted the management team and designed a workflow to ensure there were no leaks in the hand-off process.

Developing the strategy from a plan to its execution

Because teams were new to the improved processes, our team worked closely with F1IT to ensure there was no rollback or resistance to change.

Processology addressed every challenge that the teams faced while implementing the new communication plan and handoff process.

Our process experts also explained the advantages of the process changes to the teams easing push-back and adoption. This helped F1IT accept the new and improved process with open arms!

Documenting the process changes for future reference

We helped F1IT document the changes to the sales and service processes. The documents will act as a reference for future process challenges, as well as a training manual for employees.


Power of Opt360


50% Faster Onboarding
65% Higher Client Satisfaction
15% More Deals Won


  • F1 Information Technologies was extremely happy with the results of implementing Opt360. It helped them achieve the following outcomes in terms of business value:
  • More efficient and 50% faster client fulfillment process
  • Better sales meetings due to increased confidence in the process and the teams
  • More prospects converting to clients 2 million + in the first 90 days as a result of The Core Method
  • Improved visibility on process KPIs and analytics
  • Happier teams, better lives!

“We gained more clients and a 50% faster client onboarding process.”
—John K., Co-Founder
“I am so happy we brought Processology in to help with onboarding. We were drowning in backed-up work. Not only did I enjoy the improvement process that Processology took us through, I finally felt heard by our management team”
—Michael, F1IT Projects Team
“I wish we could have done this a long time ago. I’m excited about these changes, they will make my job more manageable and our clients happier!”
—Paul, F1IT Projects Team