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Client Story

The Profitable Soapmaker

Toni Poston | CEO | North Dakota, USA

The Profitable Soapmaker Automates tasks to focus on clients and achieve freedom of choice

The Challenge

Toni, founder at ‘The Profitable Soap Maker’, had a vision which she was not able to pursue due to the lack of clearly defined processes. The challenge of misaligned processes was masquaraded in her inability to achieve her goals of attracting ideal clients, delivering value to them, and not sacrificing her freedom.

The Solution

With initial assessment, we worked with Toni to build clear process structures that would help her provide value to her clients. 

We helped her evaluate and automate daily tasks that did not add value to her business. With this, she was able to dedicate time and energy on actually creating value for her clients.

The Outcomes

After working through her processes and improving business operations, Toni was able to:

  • Focus on customer satisfaction
  • Make time to create new content
  • Enjoy personal freedom

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