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Client Story

Optimal Force Fitness

Shyanne Pruit | Co-Founder | Texas, USA

Optimal Force Fitness documents and automates processes to improve customer experience

The Client

Optimal Force Fitness offers measurable fitness technology and recovery protocols. They are on a mission to provide people of all ages, levels, and abilities with time efficient and sustainable programs to perform optimally, so they can spend less time at the “gym” and more time enjoying life.

The Challenge

Shyanne, Co-Founder at Optimal Force Fitness approached us with the following challenges in her business:

  • Stunted business growth
  • Less freedom of choice
  • Limited focus on customers

The Solution

To start with, our team did an assessment of Optimal Force Fitness’s existing processes. We quickly gathered that there was a need to document the process for easy transition of information. We also figured that the Optimal Force Fitness website needed redesigning based on customer expectations. 

We worked with Shyanne to understand what best suited her customers’ needs, and based on the outcomes made changes to her processes and website. We also documented the newly implemented workflows to ensure seamless transition to new employees. 

The Outcomes

By successfully redesigning, automating, and documenting the processes for Optimal Force Fitness, we were able to help Shyanne achieve:

  • Better time management allowing her to focus on clients
  • Automated systems helping her take care of paying attention to detail
  • Better communication with new team members and clients
  • More time on hand to focus on things outside of business

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