Client Story

How Process Documentation Helped Shyanne Pruit

Co-Founder | Optimal Force Fitness | Texas, USA

The Beginnings | In Our Words

Shyanne told us that she felt like her business was not growing. She felt like she has tried everything up until that point. Base on our initial conversation, Optimal Force Fitness would not survive much longer without some changes to the way they operated their business.

The Reality | In Our Words

Shyanne wanted to create a process that would allow her to have more freedom of choice. She wanted to travel and spend more time focused on things she desired outside of the business. 

However, Optimal Force Fitness wasn’t designed to give her the freedom she desired.

The Plan | In Our Words

Our mission was to help Optimal Force Fitness with processes designed to scale the business and relieve Shyanne from her daily routine.

Since Shyanne was planning to grow her team, it was important to create an easy transition once the employees were hired. We decide to take it a step further and redesigned their website to better reflect their mission and to improve the customer experience.

The Result | In Shyanne’s Words

Michael was patient and did a good job explaining where we are going and how the processes were connected to our vision. I feel like our message is coming together, which has made talking to new leads and prospects feel more natural and productive. We did not have a consistent "deliver" stage in place, so I think our new processes will help fill in some gaps in our communication with new members.

I saw value in working with Processology because we have struggled to attract new prospects.

The Transformation | In Shyanne’s Words

I feel like in the next month, I can start focusing on training my clients without as many disruptions to help people schedule sessions. Also, I won't have to remember to send specific emails to clients or wonder if they have received an email. Our new systems have that part covered.

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