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Client Story

Success Fort Worth Automates

Tony Ford | CEO | Texas, USA

Success Fort Worth Automates and Streamlines Backend Online Processes to Enhance Customer Experience and Engagement

The Client

Success Fort Worth is a group of highly trained executive coaches who focus on helping business owners and other leaders gain skills that increase their effectiveness and profitability.

The Challenges

The online marketing process of Success Fort Worth had gaps that were affecting the performance of their business. These process gaps caused challenges such as:

  • Redundant efforts to increase the online presence of Success Fort Worth
  • Difficulty for customers to find an online business coach 
  • Difficulty engaging prospective customers
  • Lack of proper process communication and automation

The Solution

Success Fort Worth had a clear mission of becoming the #1 hub for coaching in Fort Worth, Texas, but their processes were not aligned with their business goals and mission. They needed help to design a process framework that could turn their ideas into real working systems that drove growth for the company. 

The Processology team introduced Success Fort Worth to The Core Method to streamline their process and enable better customer experience and engagement. 

We helped Success Fort Worth start their journey of the Core Improvement Roadmap with the following steps:

Discovering existing process workflows and gaps that needed fixing

As the current process workflow was mostly in the heads of the team, Processology helped bring it out on paper in its ‘as-is’ state. 

The steps involved interviewing the coaches and the marketing team to understand their roles and responsibilities in the online marketing process. 

By asking the right questions, we realized that communication was the primary factor for process gaps in Success Fort Worth’s operations. 

By going through the detailed process with each team member, we also realized that more manual time and effort was spent on redundant tasks. These inefficiencies led to drops in their follow-up process and damage to their reputation.

Designing a tailored strategy to improve their Marketing CORE process

The first step was to design a tailored process improvement strategy that fit their unique business model and aligned their processes with their business goals. 

Based on detailed interviews with the teams, our process experts built an improved communication plan with a goal to bridge the gap between the team members. 

To increase the engagement of prospective customers on online channels, we designed a workflow to nurture the customer at every step in their journey and make it easy for customers to find a coach on their platform. 

Developing the strategy from a plan to its execution

As the coaches and other teams were new to the improved process, our process experts worked closely with the teams to ensure there was seamless implementation of the plan.

Processology worked hand in hand with the teams to exercise the new communication plan and workflow.

Our process experts also explained the benefits of the process changes to the teams. This helped the teams adopt the new workflow without any resistance.

Documenting the process changes for future reference

Processology helped Success Fort Worth document the changes to their process and workflows. The document will act as a reference for future process challenges, as well as a training manual for new and existing employees.

The Outcomes

The Success Fort Worth team successfully implemented the new process model recommended by Processology that helped them achieve the following outcomes in terms of business value:

  • Better customer experience due to advanced and automated online presence
  • Increased prospect engagement on online platform
  • Streamlined and effective communication within team members
  • Happier teams and better living!

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