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Client Story

Drew T. Jackson

Drew Jackson | CEO | Texas, USA

Drew T. Jackson Coaching & Training scales business at speed with process improvement

The Client

Drew T. Jackson Coaching & Training helps people find their fit and thrive in their lives with motivational coaching. Drew, CEO, is a seasoned speaker with over 15 years of public speaking experience.  He uses the power of examples in story form to make transformational truths come to life. 

The Challenge

Although Drew is an amazing coach and trainer, he faced challenges that were affecting his business growth. More specifically, his challenges were related to time management for:

  • Servicing existing clients appropriately
  • Making time for new clients
  • Scaling the business with new and repeated clients

The Solution

As soon as Drew outlined his challenges, our team at Processology made him realize that the source of his time management issues is misaligned processes. 

After assessing Drew’s business processes and operational practices, we decided to overhaul the way they operated. We ensured that the new and improved processes were aligned with the business goals and Drew’s personal vision in mind.

With the implementation of the new process, we were able to create a predictable customer journey for Drew. This way, he could give time to both the existing and new clients. 

The Outcomes

The new processes completely changed the business operations, making them more flexible. With our help, Drew was able to achieve:

  • A predictable customer journey
  • More confidence in the business model
  • Accelerated scaling of his business
  • Increased client referrals per week

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