Client Story

Drew T. Jackson

CEO | Drew T. Jackson Coaching & Training | Texas, USA

The Beginnings | In Our Words

Drew came to us with a challenge that many small businesses face. He could only do so much in a single 24 hour period. He was getting clients, but not enough. Drew has big dreams but was struggling to scale his vision without radically increasing his operational cost.

The Reality | In Our Words

Drew is an amazing coach and trainer in his field. Drew’s coaching and value were falling short due to the processes he had in place. It was almost impossible for Drew to service his clients and attract new ones to keep his business moving forward at the same time. Drew’s frustrations can from his inability to scale is business effectively.

The Plan | In Our Words

Drew wanted a way to grow his business, engage more with his prospects/client in a meaningful way, as well as create a predictable process/customer journey. And, that's just what he got!

After assessing Drew’s business processes and operational practices, we decided to overhaul the way they operated completely. The new and improvement Coaching and Training business was designed from the start with the business goals and Drew’s personal vision in mind.

The Result | In Drew’s Words

The best compliment that you can get in business is repeat customers. I am one of Processology's repeat customers. I have used him twice in my own company and I am now using his services in another company I am starting.

Here are some of my thoughts after the first time I used Michael and his company Processology, "The processes that Processology put together the first week were absolutely amazing. I have wanted this in my business for so long, but I just did not have the skills or the time to do anything close to what Processology has done for me. It is done and now I do not have to ever think about it. It is like having an employee that you give direction to once and they work for you for years without needing anything from you.

I did not realize how much more legitimate I would feel as a business owner.

Michael is great, he goes above and beyond my expectations every time I meet with him."

I highly recommend working with Michael. He is very hardworking and he is able to look at your challenges from a completely different perspective.

The Transformation | In Drew’s Words

Working with Processology has made me feel more confident and legitimate in my business. I have clients referring new subscribers to my weekly content. People are actually excited to opt-in to my mail list now!

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