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Client Story

Women Get Funded

Alicia Castillo Holley, PhD. | CEO | California, USA

Women Get Fund upgrades email process tool to increase revenue and control costs

The Client

Women Get Fund, is a private co-investment group based in Silicon Valley for accredited investors focused on post-seed, high-impact startups.

The Challenge

The sales and marketing processes of Women Get Fund were inefficient, causing unexpected challenges such as:

  • time delays
  • losses in revenue
  • lack of proper client communication

The Solution

Women Get Fund had a clear mission of building an online program that focused on helping women to find funding for their businesses. They needed help to redesign their sales and marketing processes so they could make their business more effective and efficient. 

Using the process assessment program, the Processology team helped Women Get Fund, realize that the source of their frustrations was misaligned processes and systems. 

We helped their team understand their existing process and its impact on the business. To save costs and cut down on time, we recommended certain tweaks to their processes. 

We also helped them analyze software tools for their email and marketing processes. Based on our analysis, we recommended Women Get Fund to switch from Constant Contact to Ontraport. The tool was more sophisticated in terms of features, but less costly as compared to HubSpot.

The Outcomes

The Women Get Fund successfully implemented the new process model along with the new tool recommended by Processology. This helped them achieve the following outcomes in terms of business value:

  • Improved sales and marketing processes
  • Timely delivery of services
  • Enhanced communication with customers
  • Improved business quality and revenue
  • Peace of mind!

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