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Process Discovery

Get your processes out of teams head and down on paper where it is viewable, learnable, and improvable. 

  • Get clarity on existing processes
  • Learn process reality & opportunity
  • Remove uncertainties
Lift the Fog From Your Operations

Get clarity on existing processes

Get rid of process obscurity by mapping it all out and eliminate the ‘maybe’. Work with us to dissect every element of your process to get deeper clarity on your process and speed up the implementation of your Process Improvement strategy.

Derive insights from your own processes through process discovery and process mining techniques. Learn what you did not know about your business operations and be more confident about your process outcomes.

Get Visibility, Get Control

Learn process reality & opportunity

Overcome the illusions you and your teams have about your processes and face their reality. Understand the process gaps that are costing you time and money, as well as the opportunities that will bring more business revenue.

Work with our process experts to locate bottlenecks, deviations, and exceptions in the day-to-day process workflows. Discovery acts as your stepping stone to process visibility and control.

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2x Customer Engagement  And enhanced customer experience

Increased engagement and enhanced customer experience.

Success Fort Worth discovers communication challenges and redundancies in their processes. After implementing process optimization strategies and improved systems, they saw an increase in engagement and enhanced customer experience.

“Now, we have systems that JUST WORK! It’s amazing to see Processology do their thing. It’s somewhat magical.”

Tony Ford, CEO, Success Fort Worth

Eliminate the Risk Factors

Remove Uncertainty

Trim down the risks involved in your process operations by discovering your processes and removing all uncertainties. Learn every possible perspective of your process from your team so that there is no room for doubt.

Collaborate with our process experts as they interview your process teams to understand their outlook on your processes. The answers help you get a complete overview of your process without doubts and variability.

Frequently asked questions

Have a few more questions?

What is process discovery?

Process discovery is a set of techniques that builds a representation of your current processes, which include their workflows, structures, and elements in their ‘as is’ state. Process discovery makes use of existing process records, documentation, employee interviews, and technology systems that run your processes to understand how the process is executed.

Who is involved in process discovery?

The people who are involved in the process discovery exercise are the process teams, who are involved in the actual process execution, the process experts, who will conduct the discovery exercise, and the management team that helps understand the business value of your processes.

What is the difference between process mining and process discovery?

While process mining involves extracting process data from your system logs, records, documents, and interviews, process discovery primarily focuses on understanding the real-time execution of your process and its microscopic details.

What questions to ask during the process discovery exercise?

Some questions to ask while discovering your process are ‘Why do we need this process?’, ‘What is the desired outcome of the process?’, ‘What’s repetitive about this process that we can cut out?’, ‘What problems do you see in your daily work with this process?’.

What steps are involved in process discovery?

The steps involved in process discovery are to mine the processes and systems to collect historic data and interview process teams to understand workflow and problems. Analyze current process performance and outcomes.

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