Setting Work/Life Boundaries with Your Team

March 18, 2019

As a business, there are often times where your work and time isn’t limited to an office space or a desk, the title is 24/7. Although, as an entrepreneur, you deserve to recharge with rest, spending time with family, eating healthy meals, and kicking it with friends. It’s hard to break away from that entrepreneurial identity, but setting boundaries to allow room or time is crucial for sustaining energy to run your business. Setting boundaries takes consideration and practice, here are some steps in setting and sticking to those boundaries.

  1. Identify. Invest energy into being progressively mindful of your feelings about your organization, and the energy you’re putting toward it. If you feel burned out, stop and decide whether you need to put in more work, or take a step back to take a healthy limit on the amount of work you do, or possibly take a brief break.
  2. Create your plan. This is where you draw the line. Your plan may not be exactly perfect the first go round, but trial and error is the process of setting up boundaries. However, you have to be able to pinpoint the cutoff in quantifiable terms and determine the ramifications for following/slighting the limit.
  3. Inform. Take into consideration everything you’ve observed from the trials and errors of determining your boundaries and be honest with yourself. Consider how you will keep yourself accountable and implement that into the plan. When appropriate, communicate and be clear with others about what your boundaries are and the consequences of violating them.
  4. Enforce. Implementing is the catalyst between having boundaries at all. Allow leeway for people to make mistakes, but make sure that consequences of encroaching on your boundaries are in place, and respecting boundaries gets rewarded.
  5. Enjoy. When you and others have grasped and upheld boundaries set in place, not only will you enjoy some free time, but tasks can be completed without too much being put on your shoulders allowing you to be more creative and innovative. At Processology, we call this Freedom & Success.
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