Purge Your Business of Unpredictable Processes

March 18, 2019

As you may know, we here at Processology love the concept of effective processes that help the flow of a productive and successful business. Although there are natural ebbs and flows of owning a business, your processes don’t have to be out of your control. Here are some ways to be in full control of your processes to harness them into productive, efficient, and quality work for your clients.

  1. Define your mission, process, and task - Whether you decide to write them down, or say them out loud. Know what your process looks like, so you can acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Control those “good ideas”  -  Although they may be good ideas indeed, going out of your way to try each and every one of them out, without strategically planning them out adds extra steps and additional workaround activities that slow your business down.
  3. Eliminate services that don’t provide value - Value-added tasks are tasks the customer would be willing to pay for. Accomplishing tasks that don’t add quality to your work is a waste of time, energy, and ultimately, money.
  4. Measure your performance - Measuring the success of your process gives an idea of both effectiveness (how happy it makes your client) and efficiency (the amount of time and resources required).
  5. Have a strategy - Strategy without a strong process is like a head without a body. Be confident in how to execute your strategy, and see it through.

Hopefully, these five tactics will make you organize your business peacefully and profitably. For more assistance in your business’ processes, Processology is here (and rooting) for you.

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