Your Sidekick

Meet PAM.

PAM (Processology Automation Method) is your ultimate sidekick! The world's best employee.

How does PAM help?

You want to automate your business to drive more leads, revenue, nurture leads, and operate more efficiently without the increased cost of hiring more employees.

But, implementing automation can be time-consuming and challenging especially if you don't fully understand the relationship between strategy, processes, systems, and people.

We get it! Losing revenue from a lack of capturing/following up with leads and customers, completing repetitive tasks are taking up to much time and creating inefficiencies within your organization.

It's hard work when day-to-day operations are unpredictable and inefficient; this creates a stressful work environment and makes the company look bad when these challenges funnel down to your customers.

Running a business and going to work should be a peaceful and profitable experience for you and your team. No one likes being stressed or overworked!

At Processology we understand your pain. In fact, Processology was started by our founder Michael D. Wilson for that reason. Running a business is hard work for everyone involved, but with the right processes, it is possible to operate peacefully and profitably. Michael struggled with this for years before understanding the real power of well-planned processes and automation.

We help clients just like you create and automate amazing processes that work. Our clients are working better, faster, and cheaper using our methods. Don't take our word for it, see what our clients are saying here in their own words.

Our process is simple yet powerful, we use our Processology Formula and PAM (Processology Automation Method) to create, fix, and automation processes that produce peace and profit for your organization. We are a full-service consulting agency that can help you from start to finish with your strategy and process challenges. We make automating your business easy!

Pam is the ultimate sidekick! Your organizations best employee.

Requiring no paycheck or sleep. Pam works 24/7, she doesn't get stressed. PAM is fast and consistent and pays attention to details.

PAM is selfless. The more peace and profit she can create for your organization, the more successful she feels. PAM is the ultimate sidekick for your business!

Which path will you choose? Will you continue to operate the same way or take control of your organization and commit to a change?

We have a  proven track record for helping our clients operate as their best selves. Because most of our business is referral based, we don't succeed if you don't. Plus, we're genuinely passionate and proud of what we do.

Our promise to you is that we will leave you with something that helps you on your path towards accomplishing your mission, even if you don't hire us as your partner.

To create peace and profit for your organization, request a call today.

What does operating successfully look like to you?
  • With PAM you could be operating a peaceful and profitable business in as little 30 days.
  • You could be at peace knowing your top sidekick is following up with lead and customers to stay in engaged when you and your team can't.
  • Your organization could be completing tasks 24/7 without lifting a finger.
  • You could give you and your team the gift of balance, the gift of freedom, the gift of a great and healthy work environment.
  • What else would happen if your operation challenges were solved?
What happens if you don't take action? Do you ultimately fail? Do you stay where you're? How does that look for you?
  • How long can you run a successful business with inefficient processes, overworked employees, and the loss of resources, revenue, and customers?
  • What is the actual effect of the current state of your business' on your business' future?
  • Can you successfully accomplish your mission efficiently in your current state?

Currently, you're operating with blinders on. You're leaving revenue on the table. Your clients are not 100% satisfied, you're losing top talent, and you don't understand what is happening in your business. Why did you lose 30% of your opportunities last month? Why are your employees not as creative and resourceful as in the past?

With Processology, you become part of a family dedicated to your success. With us, by your side, you can realize the mission you and your team are working so hard for every day. Your competitors will be wondering what your secret weapon is. You will be operating peacefully and profitably because your team, clients, and partner will be happier than ever before!

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