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Business Process Mapping

THIS oatmeal mishap describes why Business Process Mapping is SO important.

Sometimes I drop the ball too!

Every morning I wake up and go straight to the kitchen to make a bowl of oats and black coffee.

I like to wing it when it comes to my morning oats. Why?  Apparently, I believe that I'm smarter than the people that created the oatmeal brand that I buy. 🤣

And, I totally ignore their process of making the perfect bowl of oats. I recklessly add unmeasured oats and water to a bowl and set the microwave for a time I feel is sufficient.

This picture says it all.

Oats and business process gone wrong.

To make matters worse, I make the same mistake every morning.

Let's just say I'm not a morning person, but I have morning meetings almost daily. Imagine me running downstairs and into the kitchen and I’m solely focused on not being late to my first meeting of the day.  

Meetings on time -- check! Oats cooked to perfection - not a chance. I just don’t have the process down. It's inefficient and ineffective.

Luckily for me, it's just Oats, and not a new hire onboarding or sales process. Could you imagine?

Do you have Oats spilling over the bowl in your company? What processes have you failed to invest in that would give you that perfect bowl of oats every time? Or, how many times have you ignored a perfectly crafted process and totally screwed it up?

Here's the thing, you don't know what you don't know.

Process mapping allows you to uncover how you're currently operating and gives you the visuals needed to locate hidden inefficiencies and improve opportunities.

Here's a process map for the way I currently make my morning Oats.

How to make oats the wrong way - Processology

You saw the photo above, it doesn't work! 🤦

But all is not lost, we just need to practice Business Process Management. With the directions on the box and a little help from my project team. We made the perfect bowl of morning oats!! 💪

Here's my improved process for making Oats give it a try!

How to make oats the right way - Processology

Here are my results! Perfection indeed!!

The perfect bowl of oats | Processology


Invest in strategic processes to get your desired outcomes anywhere a process is in need. Processes are the KEY to overcoming your frustrations, to pleasing your investors, to keeping your top talent, to spend more time with your family & friends, and to having freedom of choice.

Work today on processes and tomorrow you could be on the beach, or travelling where you want. The choice is yours! Update your processes and you’ll get your life back.

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