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Business Process Management

How your phone's GPS is the perfect example of Business Process Management.

Implementing Business Process Management (BPM) increases the success rate of your projects by 70% - Gartner

When it comes to operating any business, it requires people, software, capital, and many other things. But all of these areas have one thing in common. They all need processes to support them.

Think of processes like the GPS system in your car.

Business Process Management

GPS systems calculate the journey between your starting point and desired destination. It accounts for time, distance, and any distractions you may come into contact with along the way.

Processes are the exact same way, they lay out a journey from where we are today, to where we want to go tomorrow, or taking a prospect from being interested in your product to becoming a customer.

Everything that we do in our business requires a process, even things as simple as making coffee or loading the paper in the printer. If things are done inefficiently or ineffectively, we run the risk of losing everything. At Processology we design processes that Just Work using our proven framework!

So how does a GPS work? I'm happy you asked! 😊

First, it sets your starting point, then your destination.

Second, it starts at your destination and works backwards to account for all of the things you will encounter on your journey. Things like traffic, accidents, construction, etc.

Third, it presents the most efficient route to your destination accounting for time, distance, speed, cost, and roadblocks.

As mentioned before, implementing Business Process Management (BPM) into your organization increases the success rate of your projects by 70% - Gartner

Setting your teams, systems, and ultimately you, up for success.

Our team will help you uncover and seal the revenue leaks and operational gaps in your business. Revenue leaks and gaps can be described as activities that waste time, resources, and revenue.

If your business or department is causing you frustration, whether that's in HR, Sales, Administration, Customer Service, Accounting, or any other department, chances are you have a process problem.

We help our clients fix revenue leaking processes to get rid of the frustrations haunting their business and departments so that they can get back to living life.

If you want to unwind, it’s going to take some uncovering and untangling. With Processology, you’ll be operating smoothly, and sipping whiskey or a martini in no time!

Request a call today, let’s discover what's possible, supercharge your processes, and leave your frustrations in the dust!

P.S. Without strategic processes, there is no clear direction or guidance.

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