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Business Process Improvement

How getting dressed in the morning is the perfect example of a need for Business Process Improvement.

Imagine this scene. A young boy, let’s say he’s ten, smacks his head on his wood headboard while trying to get dressed!

How did he do that? He got new shoes earlier that week and he LOVED them. So on that fateful day, he grabbed his shoes and excitedly put them on. He grabbed his pants and shoved his foot (shoes on) into the pants.

But, they wouldn’t go on. So, he jumped on one leg around his room trying faithfully to get his pants over his shoes. And you know the result. A shiner on his forehead.

He needs some process improvement. This is frequently how I find companies. They don’t have their process down and they’re trying to get their pants over their shoes.

Improved process -- pants first then shoes. And, this is literally how easy it is. But before the correct process, it is just like trying to put your shoes on before your pants.

Where is your company messing up the way it gets dressed? Translation, where do you need process improvement? Where are you doing things backwards, twice, or dropping the ball?

Did you forget to follow up with that new lead? Did your team forget to onboard that new client? Did HR fail to provide IT the correct information to give the new hire you're excited about access to the building and systems?

These are just a few examples of process failure!

Process failure can cost tremendous amounts of revenue, time, and resources. Deciding to practice Business Process Management is the best way to operate a business that JUST WORKS, and to get back to living a great life.

My team and I help our clients supercharger their business or departments, and leave their frustrations in the dust using our 3-Rounds Method:

  1. Uncover: How you're currently operating.
  2. Understand: Document your processes to make them easily viewable, learnable, and improvable.
  3. Untangle: Identify your inefficiencies and locate your opportunities for improvement.

We believe in working to live great! Instead of living to work.

If you feel like you're putting your shoes on before your pants. Request a free Discovery Call today before you get a shiner on your forehead!

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