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Client Story

Selah Respite Care

Shaudae McMillan | CEO | Texas, USA

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Selah Respite Care triples ROI with Process Assessment and Improvement

The Client

Selah Neuro Respite Care is a specialized care that serves the loved ones that are the primary caregiver to a child or young adult ages 2-35 that has a mild to severe neurological or developmental disorder.

The Challenge

The processes at Selah Respite Care lacked clarity and were not aligned with the business goals. This was causing frustration for the employees at Selah Respite Care.

The Solution

Initially, we ran an analysis of the existing operations to understand where the gaps lied. We documented the processes to understand why they were operating in their current state. This made it easy for them to see their current processes, learn from them, and find where things were tangled.

Based on the observations, we found improvement opportunities that will untangle the operations and eliminate the gaps that caused the frustration.

The Outcome

After implementing the improved processes, we helped the Selah Respite Care achieve:

  • Scale the business with better operations
  • Tripled ROI with effective spending of resources
  • Reduced levels of stress and frustration within the team

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