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Jessica Dixon

Jessica Dixon, PA-S | CEO | Pennsylvania, USA

PA-S CEO fixes backend process gaps in 24 hours to ensure timely delivery of customer expectation

The Challenge

The backend processes of Jessica’s website were misaligned, taking a toll on the entire system. With a deadline approaching, Jessica needed an immediate solution for her challenges.

The Solution

Jessica had a deadline to meet and needed to fix the website backend processes with a turnaround time of 24 hours. 

The Proceslology team started by assessing her current processes. After the assessment, we put a plan together to build a fully functioning system within 24 hours to alleviate Jessica’s problems. 

The Outcomes

By successfully implementing the process realignment plan, we helped Jessica fix the backend issues on time. This helped the processes and the website run smoothly, and meet her deadlines. Processology’s timely and quick realignment of process workflows helped Jessica focus on things that mattered the most - her customers.

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