Client Story

How Process Documentation Helped Tony Ford

CEO | Success Fort Worth | Texas, USA

The Beginnings | In Our Words

Success Fort Worth had a mission to become the #1 hub for coaching in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Their struggle was trying to figure out how to take their ideas and turn them into real working systems that drove growth for the company. While their mission was solid, they had no idea how to pull it off.

The Reality | In Our Words

That’s where we came in. Their mission was simple but actually pulling it off was the challenge.

We started with a Needs Assessment to document the current and future needs of the business. From there we were to come up with a plan that would support their vision without sacrificing anything, including their personal lives.

The Plan | In Our Words

After meeting with the Success Fort Worth’s team, we were able to design processes that had their desired goals in mind from the start allowing us to create powerful processes that produce results and eliminated any frustration they had. After analyzing their needs, we were able to recommend systems that fit their unique model. Success Fort Worth employed us to also implement the processes we designed into their business. By trusting us as their operations and process expert we were able to give them the freedom to focus on what they're great at doing —matching amazing people with amazing coaches.

The Result | In Tony’s Words

I want to talk to you for just a moment about Processology and my good friend Michael Wilson. We engaged Processology to automate the online presence that we have here at Success Fort Worth to make it easy for people in Fort Worth to find a coach and to effectively engage them. 

Working with his team took a lot of the load off of our people for communicating, automating, and processing the back end portion of Success Fort Worth. I highly recommend Michael and his team! You’re not going to find a more honest, capable, or efficient person to help you with your process issues. He gets it and he will understand what your needs are in terms of Process Improvement. I highly recommend him and I hope you will reach out to him soon.

The Transformation | In Tony’s Words

Now, we have systems that JUST WORK! It’s amazing to see Processology do their thing. It’s somewhat magical.

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