Client Story

How Process Improvement Helped Shaudae McMillan

CEO | Selah Respite Care | Texas, USA

The Beginnings | In Shaudae’s Words

We had a system for everything. My team and I were juggling 10-15 systems to get our task complete. Things were stressful and out of control. I felt like my business was not growing, and things were not getting any easier. It was becoming harder and harder to keep my vision alive.

The Reality | In Our Words

Selah Respite Care has a great mission. However, their processes and systems were not designed to help them accomplish their mission. The CEO, Shaudae was frustrated and overwhelmed by their process integrations or lack thereof strategic processes. Shaudae was experiencing what we call Process Madness.

The Plan | Our Words

We decided that the best way to help Shaudae was to take Selah Respite Care through our 3-Rounds Method. Before we could offer a solution to their frustrations, we had to Uncover how they were currently operating. 

In round 2, we documented their processes so that we could Understand why they were operating in their current state, we made it easier for them to see their current processes, learn from them, and find where things were tangled.

In round 3, we analyzed their current processes to find improvement opportunities that would Untangle their operations and eliminate Shaudae’s and her teams’ frustration.

The Result | In Shaudae’s Words

The only thing I can say is WOW. Michael and his team at Processology took my startup and made it into a fully scalable business! I was a little hesitant at first because I do not like to spend money ( I still shop at the dollar store) but with their help, I have made that money back and have tripled my investment because of all the systems and strategies they provided. I couldn’t have survived the first year of business without them.

The Transformation | In Shaudae’s Words

While we’re still a new business and we’re still getting off the ground. I have found that I am less stressed, I have regained my excitement for my business, and I’m working on my business instead of in it. It feels good knowing that I have processes designed to drive my company forward without sacrificing my personal life and self-expression.

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