Client Story

How Process Improvement Helped Jessica Dixon

CEO | Jessica Grace Dixon, PA-S | Pennsylvania, USA

The Beginnings | In Jessica's Words

I was stressed to tears about figuring out the back end of my business while trying to focus on the aspects that I was great at. I had a deadline for myself, and I didn't know how I was going to get it done without feeling overwhelmed or hitting more brick walls.

The Reality | In Our Words

Jessica tried to plan and build her processes herself, DIY style. However, Jessica is not a process nerd like us, nor does she have the 16 years of experience we have gained. Jessica was frustrated and stuck when she reached out to us. Because of our knowledge, we were able to untangle Jessica's immediate challenges in less than 24 hours. We took her from extremely frustrated to nothing but smiles and peace.

The Plan | Our Words

With Jessica, we started by assessing her current processes. After our assessment, we put a plan together and built a fully functioning system that JUST WORKS the way Jessica envisioned it!

The Result | In Jessica's Words

Michael tailored his help to exactly what my business needed in order to make everything run smoothly on the back end. In less than 24 hours, Processology exceeded every one of my expectations.

The Transformation | In Jessica's Words

Working with Processology helped me get my website and processes running smoothly, which alleviated so much of my worry and stress. And as a result, I can now focus on the things that matter most -- my customers!

Jessica associated these words with our company:

Reliable, Priceless, High quality, Useful, Unique

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