Client Story

How Process Improvement Helped Amy Guerrero

CEO | Thrive in Recovery | California, USA

The Beginnings | In Amy’s Words

I was feeling overwhelmed and confused because all I want to do it coach and be with my people. 

The Reality | In Our Words

Amy's goal was simple. However, her execution -- her processes were not designed to work for her. Instead, they made it almost impossible for Amy to focus on helping her clients. Amy needed to rethink about the way she was operating. Her current plan was designed to keep her self-employed, not to become a scalable business which was the ultimate goal.

The Plan | In Our Words

We started by creating a strategy that supported her goal without sacrificing the value she brought to her clients. We fulfilled her immediate needs and continue with operations and process improvement coaching and consulting. We were able to bring all of the pieces together to offer Amy a system that Just Works!

The Result | In Amy’s Words

Michael and his team are fabulous! He jumps right in with compassionate questions and solutions to make my business efficient and easier to manage. His ability to see the bigger picture and keep me moving forward has been invaluable. He celebrates success with me and is a great asset to a solopreneur on a mission.

The Transformation | In Amy’s Words

Michael was able to show me processes and how to put things in place so that I could take the work out of my hands and leave it to the technology. It’s nice having someone like Michael and Processology helping you do what you love.

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