Amy Guerrero

Before I started working with Michael and Processology, I was feeling overwhelmed and confused because all I wanted to do was coach my clients. Working with Michael I felt safe and relieved.


Amy is an amazing person on a mission to help individuals in recovery. Her mission and focus are strong and clear. Amy approached us with a mission to untangle her business systems and processes.


Amy's goal was to spend less time on her systems and more helping her clients thrive in recovery!

The mission, create a strategy that supported her goal without sacrificing the value she brought to her clients.

This project included the design of a beautiful landing page, process documentation & automation, email automation, and customer management system. We were able to bring all of these pieces together to offer Amy a system that Just Works!

Check out her video testimonial above to see what she said.

Check out what Amy said about us on Google Reviews as well!

"Michael is fabulous. He jumps right in with compassionate questions and solutions to make it efficient and easier to manage. His ability to see the bigger picture and keep me moving forward has been invaluable. He celebrates success with me and is a great asset to a solopreneur on a mission."

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