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Round 1. Uncover
Round 2. Understand
Round 3. Untangle
Client Story

How Process Improvement Helped Amanda Houck

CEO | My Signature | New York, USA

The Beginnings | In Amanda's Words

I was stuck when it came to effective email automation and CRM. I was stressed and wondering, "How in the heck am I going to do this?"

The Reality | In Our Words

Amanda created a beautiful brand for her business, My Signature. However, there were gaps thought out her entire customer journey that was causing Amanda's frustration. She had a look, but not the support she needed to operate her business efficiently. We started by conducting a Needs & Opportunity Assessment to find areas that were hindering growth, innovation, and Amanda's peace of mind.

The Plan | Our Words

After our assessment, we decided that the best way to help Amanda was to take My Signature through our 3-Rounds Method. Before we could offer a solution to help Amanda improve My signature's processes, we had to Uncover how they were currently operating. 

Once we knew what they were doing, we documented My Signature's customer journey so that they could Understand why they were operating a certain way. We made it easier to see their current processes, learn from them, and find where things were tangled for improvement opportunities.

In round 3, we analyzed their current processes to find improvement opportunities that would Untangle their operations and eliminate Amanda's frustration. This stage allowed us to see what was working and what wasn't.

The Result | In Amanda's Words

I now have seamless email automation and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. I just looked at the data from it yesterday, and I was floored at the results!

The Transformation | In Amanda's Words

I now have a perfectly designed email automation and CRM that I can COUNT ON! I think that Processology's service is necessary for putting your systems to work for you. I can now rely on my systems to do the work. Yay!!

Amanda associated these words with our company:

Reliable, Unique, High quality, Good value for money, Useful

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